Little Carne Nursery

Welcome to Little Carne, our nursery class at Tregony Community Primary School.
Our children are warmly welcomed into our large classroom tailored to the needs of our 2-4 year olds by Nursery Manager - Emily Wood, Deputy Manager - Mickaela Tidball and Preschool Assistants - Jo Macrae, Kirsty Marriott and Jess Smith.
The children enjoy playing in our beautiful home corner and getting creative in our craft and painting stations. They are encouraged to explore our maths area and 'messy play' zone and they can relax on a beanbag and enjoy a story in the calm corner. Our children are fortunate to have an extensive construction area with wooden blocks of a variety of size and shape as well as a wide selection of small world resources to create their own imaginative play.
Playdough is made weekly with the children and they can enjoy this activity every day with a range of loose parts and playdough tools to build on their fine motor skills.  Water play is also available daily, both in and out of the nursery.
Our nursery has recently undergone a vast outdoor renovation with a brand new outdoor provision. The children can now work on their physical and sensory development in an all weather sand shed, trike and bike track, climbing frame, bridge and tunnel, outdoor construction area with pulleys, wooden blocks, stones and exploratory stations. Our mud kitchen is very popular along with our developing sensory garden. There is also water play with a selection of resources as well as daily outdoor mark making available too. Our outdoor provision is an extension of our nursery classroom and we offer free flow between them both throughout the day.   
We also offer regular farm school visits at the Roseland Community Farm, as well as weekly cooking classes, Forest School sessions, PE lessons, RE and PSED (personal, social and emotional development) circle time activities and yoga classes. 
Our curriculum is skills based, where key skills will be mapped and worked on with all the children. Children are observed and assessed against these skills to ensure all are progressing. 
We offer child led investigations, where activities are planned and provided for based on the children's interests. We explore through our senses, learn about how things work, life cycles of animals or plants, our families, bodies and communities and the natural world through these investigations. 
Our provision is aimed at self directed play. Children have access to a wide range of resources and are able to select what they need to facilitate their own ideas. Our resources have been carefully selected to encourage open ended play so the possibilities are endless.  The choice is theirs with our open ended, child led ethos.
We are open from 8:40 - 3.00pm for children 2 years and over, with half day sessions available from 9- 12:30pm or 12:30 - 3.00pm
All day sessions cost £28.00, with morning sessions costing £15.00 or afternoon sessions costing £13.00 per day. These are to be paid in full half termly. 
Our children also have access to healthy hot school meals at a daily charge of £2.41 and two healthy snacks are provided free of charge.
We offer both 15 and 30 hour funded places for eligible children aged 2, 3 and 4 years.
We welcome visits for perspective parents and offer personalised settling sessions, tailored to your child's needs.
We look forward to meeting you at Little Carne Nursery.
Little Carne Nursery use Tapestry to provide children's online Learning Journals to log and track the progress they make in line with the Development Matters. Every parent will be provided with a secure login to access your child's learning journal at home and we encourage you to add your own observations and vital information about your child. The link below will take you to the Tapestry website where you can view tutorials and information pages. 
Early Mathematics:
Our early Mathematic provision is an essential part of our Nursery. We have a specific Math's area for children to explore and complete activities as well as providing mathematical opportunities in all areas of the children's learning, in both our indoor and outdoor continuous provision. We also follow Master the Curriculum, alongside Reception which includes interactive and age appropriate carpet time activities for whole class and small groups. We also share ideas to try at home with your child if you wish. This offers an insight to what your child will be learning in Maths on a weekly basis. To view an example of this and  a yearly plan of Maths themes and focuses, please view these links:
Our nursery is where the very beginning of a child's journey into reading and writing takes place. We start the Read Write Inc phonics scheme with our preschool children at the start of the Spring term, however our children's main focus to develop a love of reading through regular story time sessions, often using props and puppets. As well as this, we value the importance of a language rich classroom. We encouraging high quality discussions between peers and adults, sometimes through guided prompts or high level questioning. The children also sit together twice a day for a group music and song session, where all children and staff enjoy a wide variety of Nursery rhymes, songs and poems.
Once a day, we also gather as a whole class to enjoy a fast paced, age appropriate carpet time that focuses on phase one of phonics teaching, arranged under the following seven aspects:
■ Aspect 1: General sound discrimination – environmental sounds
■ Aspect 2: General sound discrimination – instrumental sounds
■ Aspect 3: General sound discrimination – body percussion
■ Aspect 4: Rhythm and rhyme
■ Aspect 5: Alliteration
■ Aspect 6: Voice sounds
■ Aspect 7: Oral blending and segmenting.
While there is considerable overlap between these aspects, the overarching aim is for children to experience regular, planned opportunities to listen carefully and talk extensively about what they hear, see and do. 
Each aspect is divided into three strands:
■ Tuning into sounds (auditory discrimination)
■ Listening and remembering sounds (auditory memory and sequencing)
■ Talking about sounds (developing vocabulary and language comprehension).
At Little Carne Nursery, we provide age appropriate activities within the seven aspects are designed to help children:
1. listen attentively;
2. enlarge their vocabulary;
3. speak confidently to adults and other children;
4. discriminate phonemes;
5. reproduce audibly the phonemes they hear, in order, all through the word;
6. use sound-talk to segment words into phonemes.
Our Nursery has a list of core books that include a range of well known, high quality texts, traditional tales, Cornish stories and non-fiction texts. We use a range of resources to provide a love of these books, including story sacks and prompts such as story spoons. They children also  learn traditional songs and nursery rhymes to match the text. The core texts are read so often that the children get to know them well and often retell the stories themselves. We have each core book available in the reading corner, library and have a weekly story basket of prompts.
Our children enjoy a weekly session to the school Library, where they have the opportunity to choose a book to take home, as well as listen to stories read by older pupils within the school.
Our Curriculum
 In Nursery we follow a child led learning approach with a wide range of free choice in our continued provision. We form ‘I wonder’ questions based off the children’s interests at the time, which we endeavor to answer during group discussion and and high quality resources and enhancements available in their play. Careful observations and discussions with staff will allow for planning based on the children’s interests, ideas to explore and investigate, and what adults have identified children know already, building upon them to create challenge and progression within their play based learning. Adults will model, develop and join the child play, enabling challenge when required to build upon what skills and knowledge they gain. 
Little Carne Nursery and Towan class work very closely as an Early Years unit. Therefore key themes, skills and objectives are planned carefully to ensure a seamless transition across your child's learning journey. You can view our Long term plan and Key Skills Progression grid here:
To guide our children through the term and to ensure parents are aware of their child's learning throughout each half term, we create skills based planning webs and termly parent sharing information packs for our children. You can view these here:
Throughout the year Nursery will take part in a variety of learning programmes to enhance experiences, communication, and a wide understanding of the world and sense of self. They spark interest to allow children to create key questions for their learning.
These are: Yoga- Cosmic Kids
Sun Safe awareness award
Jigsaw- PSED programme used throughout the school. 
Let’s Move- Focused activities to learn PD skills in a PE style lesson. Additional music and movement from BBC programme Let's move, GoNoodle and Wake and Shakes.
Nature rangers- Understanding and respect for nature, wildlife and the outdoors (Big birdwatch, 30 days wild, animal awareness days, recycling and pollution)
Let’s Cook- Using key skills and developing all areas of EYFS framework through cooking and baking, healthy eating and understanding where food comes from.
Forest School- Using all senses and exploring natural objects and resources in an outdoor woodland classroom.
Oral Health Award- awareness of dental hygiene, visits from the dentist, visits to the dental surgery, learning to brush teeth.